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Decoding insights from  research into practice 

Hello, my name is Jana Oetken and I am
a human resources strategist, learning enthusiast,
consultant for people development,

researcher, lecturer and certified coach.


Are you a leader & ask yourself...

... how to ensure a healthy working environment that is psychologically safe?


... how to reduce the risk of quiet quitting?

... how coaching can help to increase your employees' well-being?

Are you a learning and development expert  & ask yourself...

... how to ensure your learning and development is backed by science?  


... how to create engaging and fun learning experiences that last?  


... how to figure out which skills are required to move in this new world?

Are you a human resources manager & ask yourself...

... how to know which of your top talents is ready to become a leader?  


... how to ensure your hiring is based on potential?


... how to develop a fair assessment for your applicants that fosters diversity? 


Why work with me? 

employee well-being & coaching


50% of workers say they would leave their job due to mental health reasons and being close to burnout. 

A healthy corporate culture should not be a perk but the norm.


I help you to understand how to meet your employees' needs and create a psychologically safe culture.


Employees' well-being impacts not only their productivity, but also their commitment, and happiness, and eventually customer satisfaction and market growth.

learning & development

74% of employees are not reaching their full potential due to a lack of development opportunities.

Offering training is crucial, yet the risk of employees failing to transfer the know-how into the workplace is high. When creating new learning journeys, I balance research with creativity to design engaging learning experiences that last.


I can make a great sparring partner when you want to bounce ideas around, discuss the content of your training, or reflect on your approach to people development.


assessment & diagnostics


70% of organizations use their gut feeling to hire or promote individuals, rather than using evidence-based methods.

Organizations that fail to monitor their employees are essentially groping in the dark. As a designer of valid psychometric assessments, I create science-backed (pulse) surveys to track employee engagement and corporate culture. These psychology-backed diagnostic tools enable evidence-based decision-making.

Based on scientific approaches, I help you make informed decisions about the human resources strategy and the leadership approach you need to build an organization that inspires and grows.

Speaking from experience


Favorite projects (so far) 

Learning consultant

for SkillFull

Collaborating with Skill-Full to create engaging learning experiences for a mobile learning app. Applying my academic knowledge, I develop targeted content for future skills. Our goal is to make learning more enjoyable by using innovative and sustainable learning approaches. Interested in learning more?

Organizational scientist 


I teamed up with the product developers at to enhance their platform for hearing, recognizing, and engaging employees. Together, we designed pulse surveys about psychological safety and well-being in the workplace to provide insights into vital team attitudes. We ensured that the survey is science-backed yet not cumbersome. Check it out:


Previous projects 

employee journey

analyzing pain points across the employee journey, from recruiting to off-boarding

career coaching

assisting professionals to discover their strengths and

and mastering the application

digital HRM

setting up HR standards, and implementing processes in early-stage start-ups

teaching & lecturing

designing and lecturing courses in business psychology, HR management and leadership

pulse surveys

creating engaging surveys to measure employees' well-being weekly and quarterly

HR diagnostics

designing effective diagnostic tools for valid recruitment decisions

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